Tuesday, 24 July 2012

DIY: Stitched Writing Cushion

A while back, someone asked for a tutorial on  stitched writing. This is one of my favourite ways to embellish a plain cushion; a simple word can say so much. This one here is for my Mum and her study. Sometimes she gets exasperated at others, and this will match it perfectly! Here's my method:

Either a pre-made cushion cover, or enough fabric to create one ( I used 50cm x 100cm for my Cushion)
A Computer and access to fonts and a printer
A Tapestry Needle

If making cushion cover: a sewing machine

To make the cover, I first hemmed the two shorter sides. This makes a nice, clean envelope back. My cushion was 45cm square, so adjust the fabric requirements for your size of Cushion.
Then, right sides together, overlap the two sides centrally, so when flattened one side is beneath the other.
The Dashed line indicates the fabric beneath the top layer.
Run a seam across the two sides, turn right ways round, and you have a cushion cover!

Now, on the computer, type the word you want, and select a font/font size. Here, I used Comic Sans, and font size 216. Print this out and pin centrally onto your cushion cover.

Using the Tapestry Needle and the wool, using back stitch, run around the outside,and inside of all of the letters.
Other stitches could be used for a different effect.

After this, gently tear away all of the paper. Tearing is better than cutting, as it is best to avoid the possible slip and snipping away the stitches.

So, a few minutes later, and a huge pile of paper...

Tada! One word stitched cushion.

If you have any Tutorials you would like to see, please let me know, and I will make them.

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