Sunday, 2 August 2015

20 Facts about Me

1) I cannot resist a tube of rolos.

2) I was a competitive swimmer for six years when I was younger.

3) I'm pretty good at drawing hands.

4) I love vanilla candles.

5) I hate cats.

6) I tried to join a Harry Potter Society, but decided against it because it wasn't nerdy enough.

7) If I hadn't chosen history, I would have wanted to have been an atomic physicist.

8) Speaking of physicists, I'm in love with the film 'The Theory of Everything'.

9) I'm currently in a long distance relationship.

10) I was captain of my school's school challenge team.

11) I have four bookshelves in my room and all of them are overflowing, though not necessarily with books...

12) I feel the cold, and am most comfortable in mediterranean weather.

13) I'm slightly addicted to snapchat.

14) I'm not a tidy person.

15) I'd rather have a small group of close friends than a large group that don't mean as much.

16) I adore receiving letters.

17) I get more nervous doing a class presentation in front of twelve people than doing an assembly in front of nearly 700 people.

18) I love falling asleep to the sound of rain.

19) In my AS Levels, history was my worst grade. After my A2's, it was my best by a long shot. Amazing what a year can do.

20) I've had the same teddy since I was born and he still comes almost everywhere with me.

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