Monday, 10 August 2015

First Celebrity Crush?

Celebrities really aren't my thing. I find them dull. If I do form an attachment, it's usually to a character. In which case, this would have to be Fred Weasley.

I don't remember exactly what it was that drew me to Fred and not George (although Oliver Wood was in close third place). I don't know if it was the glamour of quidditch, or the appeal of a ginger, or just someone a little bit cheeky to counter balance my prim-ness, but I remember distinctly, at a fairly young age, wanting to have a Fred Weasley in my life.

However, I can vouch or the saying: 'be careful what you wish for'. At university, I met someone who very closely resembled Fred both physically and personality wise. It was not a good mix. We did a couple of group projects together and he drove me insane. He never did any of the reading, I did all of the work, it was infuriating. The only thing we really had in common, besides our chosen subject, was our share in sarcastic humour. Which, when not working, was indeed quite fun to have someone to bounce off.

So perhaps it was the humour in Fred Weasley I found most attractive, as it was the trait I was most likely to like,

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