Thursday, 6 August 2015

Three Personality Traits that I am Proud Of

I had to do a task where I chose six of these a few weeks ago, here are the three I like the most:

I have goals. Ever since the age of ten I knew that I wanted to be at university. That's nearly half of my  life. I knew I wanted to be academic, that I would need it to get to university, so I made sure I got the best education I could. If I wanted to try something new, I would go and do it. I taught myself to knit,not because someone suggested it but because I wanted it. Targets are a key part in my life, and I don't see that changing.

This follows on from driven, and in order to get to where I want, I'm not shy of putting in the required elbow-grease. I enjoy it, even. Nothing like poring over books for hours on end to be paid back with the most satisfying results. The hard work is worth it, and I'm proud that I have the self-will to keep at it.

I can relate to people. I've been through enough myself, I will always offer an ear for someone who needs to air some issues. As my confidence has grown, I have found that I interact with people more, smile at strangers, help them in the street. Random acts of kindness. I want to leave a good impression on this life, and you don't get anywhere meaningful without being kind.

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