Wednesday, 5 August 2015

My Guilty Pleasure(s)

Guilty pleasures is one of those awkward topics of conversation. I mean, what makes a pleasure guilty? And if it does make you feel guilty, does that detract from the pleasure? Or is the pleasure being taken from the guilt? It's all rather confusing in my opinion.

Personally, the things I take pleasure from, I don't feel guilty about. 

I am a hugger. I love to give and receive hugs, to curl up with someone I love for hours on end. I'm not guilty about that.

I love to scrapbook. I do this to help preserve these moments for the future and for my own mental well being. Therefore I do not feel guilt in buying things because I know that I will use them.

I enjoy reading. That's nothing to be guilty about.

I am currently having an eighteen year old (and going strong) love affair with chocolate. But I moderate. Therefore, no guilt.

I don't believe in forcing ourselves into negative emotions. The universe gives of plenty of those by its own volition, it doesn't need our help too.

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