Monday, 3 August 2015

Meaning of this name?

Crafts from a Ravenclaw began in the summer of 2011. I was fifteen, and trying to think of a name that would both protect my identity online, and give some idea of the content I wanted to make. At that point, I thought I was going to make a lot of Harry Potter inspired crafts, and, at the beginning, I did start out making a fair few. Yet, as I have grown up, my taste in craft projects has developed too.

Some may sit and think that the title is no longer relevant to the content I am creating. I would disagree. I am still crafting regularly. Although you're not seeing it currently on the blog (because I am useless at taking the required pictures), I am knitting and sewing still, but they're just not as interesting. I still make my felt hearts as a default present, I make simple canvas bags as presents too, and recently a friend commissioned me to make 10 pairs of bird wings for a school play, and 24 little drawstring bags. So I am still crafting, but these little things don't feel worthy of being shared.

The other part is Ravenclaw, so while, yes, I don't create as many Harry Potter items as before, I still feel this relates to me. I still love Harry Potter, and I am a Ravenclaw. I am hardworking and driven, and I aspire to be a learner. I miss my degree. 

The main craft I turn to now is scrapbooking, but the reasons for that, I think, require a different post. In my opinion, it's quite nice to look back  and see how this blog has evolved, how much it's grown, and how much I have changed. I like that this part of me has been documented, and I'm proud of what I have made here.

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