Saturday, 22 August 2015

30 Minute Scrapbook Challenge!

I tried something new with this one - I challenged myself to scrapbook the entire page in 30 minutes. I collected my supplies, set a timer and I was off!

The only thing I didn't get done in the time was the journalling, but otherwise, I reckon that was pretty well done. I love how the page turned out, the colours are great, there's embellishment, it's definitely something I would do again. Fantastic as it cuts out all of that faffing. So simple.

This is again a picture from York, this time at the top of Clifford's Tower, which I had never thought of visiting before. Which is silly, because you pass it with every bus ride into town... There are so many beautiful places in York, perhaps I'll make a mini travel guide, if anyone would be interested?

Oh, and I also challenge you to make a page in 30 minutes!

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