Friday, 14 August 2015

What is in my Handbag?

If I'd have thought about this in advance, I would probably have taken a picture... But I'm writing this (in advance) four hours before I leave for my holiday and I've already emptied my handbag... So I guess I can just give you a list of the usual suspects:

My Purse, which has inside it all my money and my cards, including my Student ID, my National Trust Membership, my library card etc. I also keep a spare pair of earrings in the coin section.

My phone, which I tuck my driving licence into the pocket of.

An umbrella.

My sunglasses.

A compact mirror.

Red lipstick.

A notebook and pen.

Receipts that are probably several months old.

Sweet wrappers.

A pair of headphones.
There are probably things I have forgotten, but my handbag is rather small, so I can't fit too much junk in it... it seems to still hold an awful lot though!

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